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Meet Our Company

L&L Construction Development

We are LEADING the construction industry; our best construction projects always provide the best LIFE for our clients.

Mission Statement

L&L Construction Development is a premier general contractor/construction management company that understands the critical aspects of our projects for our clients. This allows us to ensure continuity of the construction process, and to assure the quality and timely completion of our work with our pre-qualified subcontractors. We specialize in preconstruction, cost control, project management, and keeping an eye on the quality of our work in every scope and size.


L&L Construction Development has over 20 Years of experience working with Minority-owned business enterprises (MWBE). We provide mentoring and assistance in the construction management and bidding process to ensure a level playing field.

In addition, we are also working on Japanese and Chinese, and Korean projects. We help them to invest foreign currency in real estate projects and help many foreign investors to manage their properties in the U.S.

Meet Our Leaders

President :Sean Li

I started our company in 1999 determined to provide outstanding construction services, to work with a budget, schedule and build a quality project for all of our clients. We want to share their vision and goals for the future. We are hands on team of highly qualified construction professionals with a wide range of over 25 years of construction expertise.

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